Greatest remove it critics say Michael Fassbender in Brad Pitt’s next movie is going to be one of the best ever. I’m pretty sure that you probably watch their previous film hunger or the other one which I can’t remember but I think it was called shame and I’m pretty sure you probably heard jokes about Michael’s penis LOL. I’m pretty sure that this film is going to be awesome even though a lot of the details are not quite apparent yet. Brad Pitt is a wonderful actor in all of America pretty much loves Brad Pitt and whoever doesn’t can just go to hell.

It’s almost like any movie starring Brad Pitt has some type of magical mysterious force behind it making sure that the movie is a success. Every girl’s dream guy is probably some variation of Brad Pitt whether he’s black or white. Brad Pitt truly has the chiseled jaw bone of high testosterone guys which probably does him more good than harm. The plot about the movie is not very clear that as I said any movie starring Brad Pitt is sure worth the cost. I guarantee you that when this movie is released is going to sell millions throughout the first week and all critics and skeptics within have a bunch of things to say about the movie but in all honesty none of that matters all that really matters is first week sales.

I noticed that recently Brad Pitt has been more action movie oriented and truly loves just being an all-around handsome actor. Every movie Brad Pitt always features in our stars in always ends up being the top seller on the E channel all the all ever talk about is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie it seems that the media can never get enough of them. Brad Pitt is also one of the most highest-paid actors of all time scorning millions of dollars each and every week their wonder why so many actors are so envious of Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt should come up with his own movie titled “Brad Pitt the SQL” and I guarantee you he would sell millions. People are more visually inclined invincibly so that’s why things that look good tend to be better than things that don’t.